Digital Marketing
Location: Kochi, India (Remote)
Job Type: Full time
About the role

For Business growth:

a) Develop and execute the overall business strategy and growth plan for the organization in collaboration with the founding team.
b) Develop and execute growth strategies to increase customer acquisition, retention, and revenue.
c) Manage relationships with key stakeholders including customers, partners, vendors.
d) Serve as a liaison between the founders and other departments within the company, ensuring that communication is clear and that the founders' needs are met
e) Build/Discover new business channels to expand sales funnel and drive more leads

For Marketing growth:

a) Develop and implement marketing growth strategies, to drive business growth
b) Find ways to market Ungrammary as leading UX UI design agency
c) Manage and optimize marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, and paid advertising.
d) Analyze and interpret data to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies
e) Identify and track key performance metrics and report on progress to senior management

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