Digital Marketing simplified with AI

A unique and powerful software suite to perform Digital Marketing for your Organization for Lead Generation with help of advanced Data Analytics & AI

What We do?
  • adWords
    Google Ads Optimization

    Leadmetrics optimizes your Google Ads campaigns with smart technology that maximizes lead generation with minimum investment.

  • myBusiness
    Google Business Optimization

    Leadmetrics enhances your brand’s Google Business profile, boosting interactions and better search results on google maps, ultimately generating more business.

  • webPage
    Search Engine Marketing

    With built-in SEO optimization tools, Leadmetrics optimizes your website to enhance its Google search ranking, ultimately generating more leads.

  • socialMedia
    Social Media Marketing

    Leadmetrics optimizes your brand's social media handles with marketing strategies, resulting in increased client acquisition and audience engagement.

SaaS Software
for Digital Marketing

Unified platform that optimizes all the Digital Assets for an Organization including Website, Google Profiles, Google Ads, Social Media profiles etc for Lead Generation.

Leadmetrics for
Startups & SMBs

  • Run your complete digital marketing operations seamlessly on Leadmetrics. An all-in-one assistant for your in-house Digital Marketing team, orchestrating all marketing activities across multiple platforms - finely tuned to meet your business needs.
  • Like an experienced employee, Leadmetrics boosts efficiency, saves time for other tasks, guarantees lead generation, and slashes your digital marketing costs by 70% or more.

Leadmetrics for
Digital Marketing

Improve the Return On Investments ( ROIs)

Digital marketing companies can streamline all manual and time-consuming marketing activities on Leadmetrics. This ensures more time for acquiring new clients, a smoother process, and ultimately drives better returns on investments for their clients.

Cut Costs & Save Time

A jack-of-all-marketing-trades platform, Leadmetrics performs digital marketing activities for your clients, saving 70% in time, cost, and effort.

Streamlined Lead Management

A highly efficient Lead Management System with specialized tools for effortless lead tracking, monitoring, and conversion.

Faster Results On SEO & Google Ads

Achieve remarkable SEO and Ads optimization results using Leadmetrics's cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Social Media Campaign Management

Easily carry out digital marketing campaigns from content generation to publishing with Leadmetrics.

Performance Reports

Get reports to track the performance of your digital marketing activities and campaigns, facilitating improved results.

Brands that trust us

Guiders Education
Chaithanya Interiors
Cherry tree
Truly Kerala

Product Features

Automatic website optimization for better search engine visibility

Mini CRM for streamlined lead and interaction tracking

Unified digital media interface for seamless management

Optimizes the digital media campaigns for better performance

Maximizing Google Maps & Social Media visibility

Comprehensive performance analysis and reporting tools

Easy content publishing and Social Media scheduling

Efficient expense management and ROI analysis

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At Leadmetrics, we believe in complete confidentiality of our customer data. We do not own or sell your data, and we most certainly do not bank on advertising-based business models. With a simple subscription fee, you can use our software with confidence, knowing that your data remains exclusively yours.


Our core Principles
& Values

Result Driven Strategy

We focus on results and all the activities implementing on the software are 100% aligned with the core strategy recommendation by the Digital Media Platforms using Data Analytics. This will help you optimize on each and every moment to get the best return on investment in the form of "leads" with minimal effort & investments.

Data-Driven Approach

Our Digital Media strategies are meticulously crafted using data analytics, ensuring accuracy and alignment with your business's unique nature and requirements. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and achieving successful results.

AI-Powered Implementation

We implement Digital Marketing Strategies with the assistance of Generative Artificial Intelligence, guaranteeing optimal results in minimal time and investment, all while eliminating human error and maintaining utmost accuracy.

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